Push Button Light Switch suppliers

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Push Button Light Switch suppliers

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BESTOWN factory is located in Wenzhou Binhai Industrial zone, covers an area of 20,000 square meter. BESTOWN was started our humble beginnings as a small metal workshop in 1980’s. In 1990’s, with the experience and capital accumulation, BESTOWN explored the production into switch and socket and establish our own local brand HEE. With the efforts of our staff, HEE now is a famous Chinese brand in the field of switches and sockets.
Since 1996, BESTOWN started our new factory for oversea market. After ten years growing, we gradually turn to high-market Italian style module switches, sockets and accessories.
◆Why choose us
Quality Assurance
We carry out the production strictly according to ISO9001:2000.
Accountability system is carried out in every production processes.
We use only the best material in this industry.
Provide the shortest period for new product developing
High production capacity
Rich experience R&D team. We launch our new series every year
Rich experience production workers
Great Service
Any question would be replied within 24 hours by our professional sales people. Push Button Light Switch suppliers
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