MIM Intelligent Lock Parts

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MIM Intelligent Lock Parts

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Feature:This part is called lock conversation shaft which is made of iron Fe2Ni0.5Mo by MIM. The similar materials are Fe4Ni0.5Mo and Fe8Ni0.5Mo. Fe4Ni0.5Mo is main used in gun and weapon parts. Fe8Ni0.5Mo has better toughness and not as popular as the above two.
Fe-Ni powder metallurgy material has the following characteristics: Under conventional industrial sintering conditions, unlike carbon, nickel cannot completely diffuse into iron matrix. The formed multiphase metallurgical structure contains nickel-rich phase, which can significantly improve the toughness, tensile properties and hardenability. When the final density of the material is 7.0g/cm3 or higher, it can be manufactured by pressing, pre-sintering, double-pressing and sintering process.
MIM technology can make various kinds of metal parts. If your part is made of stainless steel, steel, iron and the shape is complex, MIM is the best choice. If you want to make metal components by MIM, you need to send us the parts drawings, including PDF and 3D files in which, we can see the shape, sizes, tolerance and other requirements such as surface treatment, hardness(HRC). Also, we need to know the quantity for the part. Because to make MIM items, the mold is important. To make a mold is around 3000--5500USD that based on the shape, so if the customer have several parts to produce, we suggest to put them in one mold to save cost.MIM Intelligent Lock Parts
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